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Kingsport singles like Devin

im tracy i want a girl who will make me happy
Tennessee, Kingsport. 18

Im tracy i play guitar write music and watch movies


Lesbian singles like Lacey

Sometimes it is nice to have someone to share life
Tennessee, Kingsport. 34

I am an accountant and I spend a lot of time at my desk, so come the weekend, especially in nice weather, I am ready to find something to do. Hiking, camping movies, live music... it really doesn't matter as long as I am experiencing something.


Meet Kingsport Lesbians like Amber

Tennessee, Kingsport. 19

I am 18 and in college at Northeast State. I am just looking to experiment with a female at this time. I have found myself the past few years finding females more attractive. I still like men but I think I am finally ready to look into my attraction.


Lesbian singles like Danielle

My lifešŸ˜‰
Tennessee, Kingsport. 30

I'm an outgoing, single mother of a 7yr old girl! I love trying new things! I'm very independent and don't mind saying what or how I feel! I love hanging with my family and friends! Not to picky on activities as long as I have someone that sparks my interest any date can be fun!!!


Kingsport singles like Katie

Here for experminting
Tennessee, Kingsport. 19

I like it really dirty;) Come look me up on vine @HornyKate


Meet Kingsport Lesbians like Courtney

Talk to me to know more...
Tennessee, Kingsport. 20

My names Courtney. I'm 20. I played one year of basketball in college...I hope to go back eventually. My favorite color is baby blue. I went to a high school called Sullivan South. I live in a small-ish town called Kingsport. I love all types of music, I feel it can express almost any mood I'm …


Kingsport personal for shina

me (:
Tennessee, Kingsport. 21

I love Harry Potter haha. No shame. I love Dr. Who as well. Animals are fantastic (: I'm gay. I love the ladies. I'm a huge gentleman and treat everyone with respect. Even when I'm disrespected I show no disrespect to them. I try to be loving and sweet and kind. I'm run over a lot but I still …


Lesbian Personal for Amanda

I'll love and protect you with my life
Tennessee, Kingsport. 25

I am very athletic and stay in shape. I estimate that my dog and I walk about 30 miles+ a week. I don't watch a lot of t.v but I will cuddle up beside of you anytime.


Lesbian singles like Allie

Allie 3
Tennessee, Kingsport. 20

My name is Allie. I have three dogs and three cats and they are my life. I'm very shy at first, but once I get to know you I'm the complete opposite.


Meet Kingsport Lesbians like Emma

Searching for my soulmateā™„
Tennessee, Kingsport. 19

Oh goodness, I never know what to write in these... About me, hmm? Let's see, I was homeschooled. I love cats, thunderstorms, midnight. I have never been a morning person. I try to stay positive no matter what because I believe we have a choice with how we deal with life, and why not choose the …


Lesbian singles like adrienne

i just want one
Tennessee, Kingsport. 34

I am a unique mix of traits, I don't really fit one category. I love most types of music. I love relaxed dates of cuddling just as much as adrenaline filled dates like skydiving.


Meet Kingsport Lesbians like amanda

bbw stem lookin for my lady.
Tennessee, Kingsport. 25

I'm fun,outgoing,loving,wild,craxy,party girl,I have my own place and vehical.i work and got to school.


Lesbian singles like Ali

Hi, I'm Ali
Tennessee, Kingsport. 20

Ask Me About Myself.


Kingsport singles like britt

hey im britt wanna know more ask mr
Tennessee, Kingsport. 25

Im just me ... either you love me or hate me


Kingsport singles like Sarah

Here to meet someone.
Tennessee, Kingsport. 20

So much stuff to tell, but I guess I should start with the basics. I'm 18 years old. I'm going to the Navy. I am a athlete and dancer. ehh, get to know me for the rest.


Kingsport personal for Eva

Dani in wonderland.
Tennessee, Kingsport. 24

im an artistic girl,down to earth sweetheart. love going to concerts,cooking,hockey. A total goof ball.


Lesbian singles like jennifer

Looking to enjoy a womens touch
Tennessee, Kingsport. 40

Just wanted to meet and enjoy life to the fullness.


Kingsport singles like Ericka

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else :)
Tennessee, Kingsport. 23

It's so hard to describe my personality, I'm crazy (not in a bad way), random, loud, obnoxious, quiet, funny, silly, brutally honest to the point it hurts sometimes. I'm mature when I need to be, and a little childish when I get around children. I love taking my nieces and nephew to the park and …


Lesbian singles like Amanda

Love is love no matter the gender
Tennessee, Kingsport. 26

I am 26 years and am currently working towards being a police officer. I love sports and the outdoors. Anything more you want to know just ask.


Kingsport singles like fallon

Love the ladys
Tennessee, Kingsport. 31

Just wanna have some fun and meet a girl that wants to do the same

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