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Teen Lesbian Personal for Jade

i dont knwo
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

i dont know`


Parkersburg personal for Maggi

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

So like to live slightly on the dark side. I love to wear sexy black/gothic clothes. I have my nose pierced on the right side and my belly button pierced. i don't have any tattoos but I will when I have the spare money to get some. I am pretty comfortable with my body, though I could definitely …


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like Cecilia

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I am an outgoing, sporty, adventurous, humorous, romantic and loving woman. I love to play softball and enjoy spending time with my best friends. I like to have a good time and I am up to try new things. If you want to know more about me then we need to get together and talk.


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like Kyle

Hello :)
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I'm a simple, fun and very outgoing person. I'll be taking medical technology in college. I tend to take relationship quite seriously, but I also look for friendship and just casual relationship.


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like Brandi

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I own a pool store. I'm a manager at little caesars. I have 2 tattoos. I love sports. I love kids but I don't want any of my own. I don't really care about the whole party theme. I always return phone calls and texts.


Teen Lesbian Personal for Lici

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

Name's Lici :3 INTJ Hm, I'm shy, artistic, vegetarian, a computer whiz, and socially awkward (I also love the Sims). I'm 19 and studying Computer Support at Washington State, but I want to be an indie game designer and comic artist. I'm extremely fickle with who I date. Intelligence is the …


singles from Parkersburg like Sierra

I'm one of a kind
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I'm a bubbly, positive, humerous girl. I have a 2 year old daughter. I'm very girly. I love rock/metal music. I'm very creative. I'm honest, no need to lie. I keep secrets, very trustworthy. I have goals. I want to own my own business someday. I believe laughing is the best medicine. I'm the type …


Parkersburg singles like Amanda

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

I am a music lover, music is my life. I listen to music and play all day. Im also a big nerd. I love video games and anime. I also read a lot. Ive been told im easy to talk to, and I love meeting new people. Message me! :3


Teen Lesbian singles like Cece

whadddddup? :)
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

Well, I'm eighteen, just graduated high school, going to Ohio Valley University on a softball scholarship. Softball is my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm super nice, probably too nice, but also very sarcastic. And this is probably getting boring, so just message me or something :p


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like Kayla

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I like scary movies And I love going skating


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like Arorah

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

Let's see..My name is Arorah, I'm from Tennessee, but currently living in WV. :D I like gaming, watching anime, reading manga, and sleeping! :D I like dying my hair, I guess you could say it's like an addiction..that's probably not good. Haha. Anyways! I'm a pretty happy person, I'm not one to …


Parkersburg personal for Babygirl

First time lezzy:)
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

Im 18 looking for s*xual intercourse imediately


Meet Parkersburg Teen Lesbians like kenzie

Give me a shot
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

Ask me anything, I suck at this stuff


Teen Lesbian Personal for kylee

l am l
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

I love art and music


singles from Parkersburg like Caitlynn

Hey :)
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I am 18 and a easy person to get along with


Teen Lesbian singles like kayla

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I love to eat pizza and everythingelse but sour krout


Teen Lesbian Personal for Janell

Looking for a lucky lady
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

Hi my name is janell im 19 i live in mingo wv if u want to know more ask me


Teen Lesbian singles like Andrea

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

Im looking for a girl to chill with, and hang out. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask ! If you wanna see pics of me, to see what I look like I will send them no problem. I Just don't have a picture up because of privacy. But other then that Im just me, I love making people laugh and …


Teen Lesbian singles like Ashley

West Virginia, Parkersburg. 18

Hey, what's up? Name's Ashley. Hmu!(:


Teen Lesbian singles like Mandie

Looking for a girl to have fun with :)
West Virginia, Parkersburg. 19

I'm very nonjudgemental and I'm very accepting and understanding. I love sports and I love horses. I like to have fun on the weekends with my best friends Sam and Jordan. I'm easy going and I dont like to talk bad about people but if I do get annoyed I usually keep it to myself. My favorite color …

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