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How do I search for members?

There are many different ways you can use to search for your perfect match. Our powerful search system enables you to browse a broad range of members, or narrow your search results to a few specific members. We also offer advanced search options, such as search by Member Number or Keyword. Or you can search for members who are currently online, members who meet your match criteria, and more! Note that some search options may not be available or may display differently depending on which of our websites you are a member of.

Basic Search
The Basic Search allows you to search on the following options:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Only profiles with a photo
  • Last active date

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search allows more search options in addition to the Basic Search, for example, Ethnicity, Religion, Height and Weight. Click "Search" link which is available at the top of most pages on the site. Select your search criteria and click the "Submit" button.

Online Members
You can search for members who are currently online by clicking the "### Members online" link at the top of most pages on the site.

You can search for members who meet your search criteria by clicking the "Matches" link at the top of most pages on the site.

More Searches
You can access the following searches by clicking the appropriate tab on the Search page:
  • Saved Searches
  • Keyword Search
  • CupidTag Search
  • First Name Search
  • Member Number Search

Popular Searches
More search options are available by clicking the "Popular Searches" tab:
  • New Members
  • Most Popular Members
  • Latest Photos
  • In My Area
  • Site-specific exclusive galleries