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How do I add, change, or remove a Profile Note?

The Profile Notes feature is a great way to keep track of extra information regarding a specific member, such as the date you first contacted them, or your own notes about what you like most about that member.

The information you put in your Profile Notes is not visible to the other member or any other members on the site.

Please note that this feature is available to Platinum members only.

Add a Note
To add a Profile Note, first view the members full profile, then click the "Add Note" icon (represented by a pencil symbol). Type your note in the box, then click the "Add note" button. The note will now be displayed above "Member Overview".

Edit a Note
To edit a note, click the "Edit Note" icon (represented by a pencil symbol). Type your new note in the box, then click the "Edit Note" button.

Delete a Note
To delete a note, click the "Delete All" icon (represented by a bin symbol) next to Notes. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete the note. Once a Profile Note has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved.