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You can find love too!

I was skeptical that I could find such a beautiful soul online, but I did! A solid foundation was built through messaging each other and then eventually meeting. My advice, give people a chance and get to know them! I initially thought I was not compatible with my now girlfriend because I judged her based on her profile. I do not want to think about my life without her! You can find love too!


I found the missing piece to my puzzle

I found my perfect piece of my jigsaw on this site, the missing piece to my puzzle. What was crazy late night phone calls, to amazing skype sessions and then finally after a month of talking we met. That day there and then in London was the perfect day...A day I will remember for the rest of my life and hold in my heart for eternity. Now 8 months later she has the key's to our home and holds every key to my heart. Thanks to PinkCupid I found read more >> the Love of my life. << collapse


Thank you PinkCupid for helping

Love is a strong word but that's what I've found here Krystal is her name and my name is Katie she's amazing beautiful and everything l wanted and more. Thank you PinkCupid for helping me find my girl.


All because two people fell in love...

Lisa and I met through your website in January 2011. I didn't think there was another woman out there who liked crossbows, fast cars, travel and animals. But there was and you helped me find her. Or rather, Lisa found me. We went to Paris for Valentines 2011 and by April of the same year, we had moved in together. I am very pleased to say that on my birthday in December 2012, Lisa agreed to be my wife and on 7 September 2013, we had a civil partnership read more >> at Pinewood Studio. We had a day to match our &quot;big kid&quot; personalities with cartoon themed tables, games such as Hungry Hippos as our centre pieces, a bungee run, a gladiator duel and a rodeo to name a few of the shenanigans! We have PinkCupid to thank for bringing us together and making our lives so happy and complete. Thank you! Sally &amp; Lisa << collapse


I met the love of my life on PinkCupid

I met the love of my life on here 6 months ago. She's amazing and everything I could ask for and then some. Thank you PinkCupid for bringing us together.


I found the missy amazing woman in the world!

I found the missy amazing woman in the world. We are moving in together in a month and I can not wait. She is every thing I have always wanted.