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Lesbian singles like chan

Alberta, Red Deer. 29

straight to the point! On hear for 1 reason:)


Red Deer singles like Shan

Hello girls ;) (Y)
Alberta, Red Deer. 22

Hello there Im Shan, 22 years old. I'd like adventures and doing things that is challenging. Well "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as Hell don't deserve me at my …


Lesbian singles like Shan

Be who you want to be, not other people want to see.
Alberta, Red Deer. 22

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."


Lesbian Personal for Gabe

coffee anyone?
Alberta, Red Deer. 27

I'm a bit of a tom boy, I like being outdoors and nature, going for hikes or a day in playing Xbox. I enjoy alternative movies (mostly comedy) I like laughing and talking it easy. I'm pretty chill and relaxed, I don't take things too seriously. I'm creative and love to paint and work with my hands.


Red Deer personal for Ember

just looking to see whats out there
Alberta, Red Deer. 28

just ask and i'll tell ya


Red Deer singles like Melodie

Coffee? A walk? Suggestions?
Alberta, Red Deer. 22

I hate writing about myself, but who doesn't? How about you ask me some questions and I'll answer them as honestly as I can?


Lesbian Personal for Michola

One and only
Alberta, Red Deer. 27

Young at heart. Family oriented. I have a dog. I'm tattooed and pierced. I own a house, a car and a motorhome. Low maintenance, not to say I don't have standards, but I don't need six figures, fancy cars or ripped biceps. I'm a Gemini through and through. My favorite color is black. Favorite food …


Red Deer personal for Jennifer

Laughter = smiles :)
Alberta, Red Deer. 37

I am a mother of one who has 18 piercings and 1 tattoo with the need and want for more. Love to just chill on the couch and watch movies or up for a night of dancing at a club. I am in a committed loving, honest relationship with the most wonderful man in the world who understands and supports me …


Red Deer singles like Fay

Find that moment in Paradise
Alberta, Red Deer. 49

I'm a little bit shy and I've ventured on this site becuz I want to explore and get out of my comfort zone. I think I have another side of me. My boyfriend and I are a great couple, we work hard. I appreciate attractive women who are open minded. I am looking for a girl friend to hang out with …


Meet Red Deer Lesbians like Poy

Alberta, Red Deer. 37

Simply and amazing


Red Deer singles like Abby

Looking for my own spring... :-)
Alberta, Red Deer. 31

Down to earth, simple and friendly! Likes to watch a movie or go nature site seeing! Want to watch the sunset and sunrise and stars while on the beach(specially in my province)!


Red Deer personal for Natasha

Chill times and simple things.
Alberta, Red Deer. 31

I’m pretty relaxed and enjoy simple pleasures in life from a good book on the deck to camping with friends and family. Have an extreme enjoyment of camping, hiking, photography, and most of all music. I spend a lot of time at festivals in the summer from Lilith Fair to Shumbahla. Music is the …


singles from Red Deer like Janice

Looking for Fun!
Alberta, Red Deer. 25

i'm a bit of a nerd, I like video games, books, paleontology...that sort of thing. I also enjoy watching Dr. Phil, Better Off Ted, Murdoch Mysteries, Invader Zim, and the 90's version of Batman, as well as CSI, and NCIS.


Red Deer singles like Holly

Wants to meet a great woman!
Alberta, Red Deer. 31

Im shy when I first meet someone I do not know...but once yoget to know me i am whole lot of fun. I like to laugh and make others laugh. I want to meet and be with someone who can make me laugh and can sit and talk about anything and everything.How would i describe me...I am good person with a …


Meet Red Deer Lesbians like Teresa

i know youre out there..waiting for
Alberta, Red Deer. 42

Iam a freindly...funny 37 year old woman...i have had a hard life..but do not centre on that fact...the past is the past....and what doesnt kill ya...makes you stronger eh:)even though..sometimes its nice to have someone to talk to...Iam relatively new to Alberta..only lived here two years...grew …


Lesbian Personal for Sy

Looking to meet fun, adventurous women
Alberta, Red Deer. 29

Im a Martial artist training for MMA. Im a wild, fun, spontanious, loving, romantic woman. I love being active and staying fit. Im into rock n roll and harley davidsons. I have tons of tattoos, piercings and i dont plan on stopping anytime soon. Im a hardcore chick that loves danger and …


Red Deer personal for Amenda

Wanna go for dinner....
Alberta, Red Deer. 28

You need to be interested if you wanna know more


Red Deer singles like Intrigued

Looking for friendship and possibly more
Alberta, Red Deer. 48

Hey :) Looking for girls to hang out with, friends, or more. I am fun, sexy, and like to do a lot of different things from shopping to working out ...very romantic and giving and kind.


Lesbian Personal for Shannon

Warning: I'm kind-of a goon
Alberta, Red Deer. 22

Does anyone actually read these? Hey i'm Shannon and i'm totally ridiculous. what more do you need to know? lol i'm obsessed with sports i play the all! I love t travel. I am always all over the place all the time. I am in school working on my bachelor of business. I am super cheesy. If you've …


Lesbian singles like Alyx

Alyx ;-;
Alberta, Red Deer. 26

As from my friends; (I s*ck at these things myself) Her name is Alyx. She's 25, and from Alberta, Canada. She's random and insane. For the most part, she is friendly, and loving towards all her friends. She doesn't deal with bullshit, jerks, preps, twinks or a*sholes very well. She 3s music, …

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