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Teen Lesbian Personal for Blanca

Looking to make friends
Minnesota, Mankato. 18

I am looking for someone that I can get along with and respects me for who I am and know what she wants in life.


Teen Lesbian Personal for Euna

Looking for love :)
Minnesota, Minneapolis. 18

I'm looking for someone who I can share happy moments with and who can understand me.


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Tasha

I can't change
Minnesota, Duluth. 18

Fun, Sense of humor, passionate about the things they love, and positive! But I'm willing to get to know you, because everyone is beautiful inside and out :D


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Angie

Minnesota, Shakopee. 19

Someone who is willing to put in the same amount of effort in the relationship as I am. Likes being a dork with me. I can talk to you and joke around and be best friends with you.


Teen Lesbian Personal for Jorgia

married but need a girls affection in my life
Minnesota, Minneapolis. 18

a beautiful funny exiting girl that likes trying new things and is always ready to risk it all for someone who will give her all


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Lizzie

Hey I'm Lizzie :)
Minnesota, Mankato. 18

Laughter, good conversation, and a mature perspective of the world. If you love coffee and yoga, then I'm pretty sure we're perfect for each other.


Teen Lesbian singles like Nae

Nae here.
Minnesota, Burnsville. 18

I love a girl with goals, self motivated. Openminded. I want someone who wants to go on adventures with me at 2 am, fall asleep in my arms while watching the stars. I need a girl that balances me out, I want someone who reminds me everyday why love is such a beautiful thing.


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Brooke

Let's get lost
Minnesota, Shoreview. 19

a trustworthy loyal funny loving soul who wants to adventure, a partner in crime


singles from Minnesota like Monica

Minnesota, Saint Paul. 19

Anything but willing to have some conversations with people that will lead to something


Teen Lesbian Personal for kya

Minnesota, Minneapolis. 18

A beautiful inside and out has to be loyal and respectful loves to joke around and be there self around me


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Jennan

Values other people and wants to be valued in turn
Minnesota, Bloomington. 18

I'm looking for someone who is supportive and understanding. I want to be with someone who makes me feel valued and like I'm important. I want them to give as much to the relationship as I do.


Minnesota personal for Elizabeth

I am Me.
Minnesota, Mankato. 19

I like what I like. I don't have specifics. If we get along, if you make me laugh, if you hold your own, if you show me your every side. I will be really open with you.


Minnesota personal for Margaret

I Don't Know What I'm Doing
Minnesota, Saint Paul. 19

Someone I can cuddle with while watching dumb movies and will be patient when my anxiety and depression act up. A girl who'll respect my life choices and be supportive and who'll accept support in return. She should also be at least willing to go along with some of my weird, romantic ideas (that …


Minnesota singles like Kaye

Not sure what I'm doing here
Minnesota, Saint Paul. 19

as long as you can get sassy with me and use proper grammar we should be good


Teen Lesbian singles like nemo

looking for love
Minnesota, Burnsville. 18

im looking for a stud to hold me down and take care of me someone to show me wht love is ....and give me their full attention call me at night cuddles,watching movies just loving me or showing infatuation


Minnesota singles like Gabrielle

Gabby lindner
Minnesota, Eden Prairie. 19

Gentle, 5ft 6-11, confident, lovely hair and a funny humor


Meet Minnesota Teen Lesbians like Louise

Hello, how was your day? ♡
Minnesota, Minneapolis. 19

I would like someone who I can connect with and share "girly" moments. I want a best friend and a lover. Someone who will support me and I can support in return. I like people who are down to earth, say what they mean, and aren't passive aggressive. Or- just a nice person to chat with!


Teen Lesbian Personal for CeCe

just looking for the right girl :)
Minnesota, Minneapolis. 19

I want someone who is sweet, cute, and funny. Someone who won't judge me for being me, someone who will be weird and make jokes with me :) I also want them to not be afraid to be themselves around me..


Minnesota singles like Breanna

This is me
Minnesota, Rochester. 19

Someone with a good sense of humor, very outgoing, funny, cute. Someone who will help me peruse my dreams, and push me to succeed. I want her to be open, and comfortable. Up to trying new things. Adventurous, and outgoing. (:


Minnesota singles like mikela

hey now !
Minnesota, Saint Paul. 19

No studs only femme someone I can show off and still have a good day and maybe more with 3

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