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Teen Lesbian singles like Jo

Hey everyone :)
Virginia, Chantilly. 19

Get to know me! Im a college student who wants to make a difference in this world, loves disney movies, reading about black feminism, and cuddling.


Chantilly personal for Alexandra

Virginia, Chantilly. 19

I'm a chill person


singles from Chantilly like Jasmine

Im a very nice..and i dont break hearts.
Virginia, Chantilly. 19

im a fun girl. im currently in high school in virginia. i am 17 and i just think im starting to like girls sooooooo..yeah :)

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Teen Lesbian singles like Domonique

Oh boy... Here we go
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 18

Before you get to know me, keep in mind that I am very very VERY quirky. I'm a huge dork. I have a lot of energy, but I love to just be a couch potato and watch movies. Complete opposites, I know. Hm.. I'm a touchy-feely kind of person. I love hugs and such. I'm 18, I graduated my junior year in …


singles from Chantilly like Danielle

Just someone to love
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

I'm not perfect of course but I try my best. I'm honest and open about everything. I prefer to talk stuff out rather than fight and argue. I'm done with childish relationships so I get serious but I hate rushing.


Chantilly singles like Phoenix

Willing try something new!!
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

I have septum, tongue, and 00g pierced. I'm always up experiencing something new, and curious! :P I'm a really nice, sweet, and awesome metalhead chick haha xP if want know me more or whatever, message me! :P BTW I'm from Culpeper


Chantilly singles like Jessica

Hey, i'm kind of edgy if that's okay?
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 18

Hey, I have my piercings out right now, but I am going to put them all back in I have fifteen altogether I promise i'm not a freak. and, I have three tattoos I'm graduating high school and will hopefully be attending college. I work and when I have free-time I do what I can with my friends when …


Teen Lesbian Personal for Kara

I can make you smile! :D
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

I love having fun, I work really hard, and I love laughing.


singles from Chantilly like Nyah

Hi !
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 18

I love music and fashion .


Chantilly personal for Simone

Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

I'm pretty much a combination of quirky, sporty, and dorky. I'm playful but I know my time and place for it. SUPER caring and loving, I'd do anything I am capable of to help people. I love hugs, they're awesome :) they're like Christmas without the mess lol and there really are not many words to …


Teen Lesbian Personal for Tyneaka

Love me or leave me
Virginia, Petersburg. 19

Ill be graduating from high school in 2 weeks! I'm a very outgoing person. I love to chat and talk a lot. I can sing real good and also I love to write. I'm senditive. And I love to speak my mind!


Chantilly singles like Caitlynn

Im me and thats how ill stay ♥
Virginia, Petersburg. 19

my name is caitlynn , originially from south carolina but i live in petersburg virginia . i currently go to school at blue ridge job corps for nursing . i turn 20 this year .


Chantilly personal for Savannah

I call it how I see it
Virginia, Suffolk. 19

Where to start ... I'm a senior in high school . I want to become a hair dresser . My favorite color is green . I love just being able to meet new people . Just hanging out .


singles from Chantilly like Kayta

cute fluffy bonde
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

hey there darlin, my name is kayta i am currently going to tcc and im enjoying life right now, my favorite Read is john moore, fav movie is the labrynth, hobbies and such are


singles from Chantilly like Jasmine

im no beauty queen im just beautiful me
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

My name is Taylor I'm was born in italy but moved . I love animals and sweets. I'm a very friendly and outgoing and sweet person who loves to make people smile ans happy.


Teen Lesbian Personal for Chrissy

Just For Fun!
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

I really just am looking for s*x and a fun time. I don't like girls that look like men I want a nice s*xy female to mess around with and nothing more


Chantilly personal for Oriana

Searching for my queen...
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 18

Im an aspiring cosmetologist/musician. I just want someone to support my dreams just as much as i'll support them(:


Meet Chantilly Teen Lesbians like Kelcie

Long live the king!
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

I work a lot, I am a very fun, and caring person. I don't really like to fill these things out because they take too long! So if you want to get to know me! Shoot me a message!


Chantilly personal for D'Nisha

Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

A young woman 18 years old but very mature for my age , just graduated High school in Maryland now moving to Virginia beach to be closer to family . Going to tcc this fall. In the process of getting my own place . A go getter , failure is not a option . Looking for a older woman that's ready to …


Chantilly personal for Naomi

im no beauty queen im just beautiful me
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 18

Im a cool, fun person to hang out with. I enjoy company, but I also need alone time. My favorite colors are blue green and purple, and if u need to know anything else ask

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