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singles from Chantilly like yessica

Hey Boo ;)
Virginia, Chantilly. 19

I love being social and foreal if you wanna get to know me you need to hit me up and than you'll find out ;) I'm very chill


Teen Lesbian singles like Anna

Virginia, Chantilly. 18

Uhm... gamer girl, very chill, likes to mess around. Loves books and food.


Teen Lesbian singles like Amber

Virginia, Chantilly. 18

I am a sexy lesbian


Teen Lesbian Personal for Jasmine

Im a very nice..and i dont break hearts.
Virginia, Chantilly. 19

im a fun girl. im currently in high school in virginia. i am 17 and i just think im starting to like girls sooooooo..yeah :)

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Chantilly singles like Arnelia

Army Strong
Virginia, Dale City. 19

I recently enlisted into the United States Army and am very friendly. I'm not looking for a relationship but whatever happens, happens.


Chantilly singles like Asia

Asia 🌸😏🌸
Virginia, Richmond. 19

I'm young and just wanna have fun. 18 years old, RVA ❀️


Meet Chantilly Teen Lesbians like Blake

Come as you are
Virginia, Leesburg. 19

im blake, i enjoy long hikes through wooded forests, late night discussions, quality wine and good weed.


Teen Lesbian singles like Kathleen

Hello there!
Virginia, Richmond. 18

I just graduated high school and I'll be going to college for two years in VA. Soon I hope to move to either Boston or New York to attend a university. I love reading and writing. Fantasy is my preferred genre. I like to think of myself as a weird but fun person.


singles from Chantilly like Kiara

Hey! Come talk i don't bite...too hard
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

Well I love the outdoors but I'm always down to just chill indoors. I'm really laid back and kind of a go with the flow kind of girl.


Chantilly personal for Jessica

Hey, i'm kind of edgy if that's okay?
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

Hey, I have my piercings out right now, but I am going to put them all back in I have fifteen altogether I promise i'm not a freak. and, I have three tattoos I'm graduating high school and will hopefully be attending college. I work and when I have free-time I do what I can with my friends when …


Teen Lesbian Personal for Kay

Virginia, Roanoke. 19

I am currently in Maryland on break! so if your in the area and want to hang out let me know:) I ride horses and I love to try new things and meet new people:) Get to know me:)


Teen Lesbian singles like Nyah

Hi !
Virginia, Fredericksburg. 19

I love music and fashion .


Chantilly singles like Cleo

Virginia, Richmond. 19

Hi :) I'm cleo. I'm a very free spirited person and absolutely love the outdoors. I'm very down to earth, caring, and will help pretty much anyone out if they ask. I love meeting new people and making people laugh. kik & instagram: cleo_colee

Tee kik: tee

Meet Chantilly Teen Lesbians like Tee kik: teepreciouss

Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

I'm fun, and I just want to have a good time.


Chantilly singles like DeAnn

Hit me up ladies ;)
Virginia, Petersburg. 19

Hi sweethearts :) Really I'm only on here looking for friendship. I'm 19, a full time college student and very goal oriented. I'm a recovering addict and passionate about helping others. I'm a deep person, without the average mind flow of a woman. I'm very deep minded, compassionate, and …


Teen Lesbian singles like Lora

I'd love to talk, just say hey :)
Virginia, Burke. 19

I'm just a girl eager to meet new people. I've traveled all over the world and lived just about everywhere you can imagine, and so because of that i'm a very open minded person and love meeting new people. I love reading, hiking, camping, you know outdoorsy things. I like to have a good time and …


Chantilly singles like Ti

If you don't think your the shit. Who will?
Virginia, Suffolk. 18

I'm a stud and I love to play football and basketball. Love to have fun. Down for anything


Chantilly singles like Naomi

im no beauty queen im just beautiful me
Virginia, Virginia Beach. 19

Im a cool, fun person to hang out with. I enjoy company, but I also need alone time. My favorite colors are blue green and purple, and if u need to know anything else ask


Teen Lesbian Personal for Breeanna

just a kitten looking for a sweet sexy cougar
Virginia, Blacksburg. 19

I'm bisexual


Teen Lesbian singles like Alexa

Just living life to the fullest!
Virginia, Chesapeake. 19

I'm a very outgoing and adventurous person. The things that matter to most are my friends, my family, and my education. I have a very bubbly personality and I like to have a good time :) I'm very athletic and like to workout. I love to play sports and I have been playing volleyball for several …

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