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Lesbian singles like Stephanie

Can you light my soul on fire?
Alberta, Medicine Hat. 35

I am looking for honesty and truth above everything, without that you have nothing.. To be honest I want that "movie romance" I want the first kiss to take my breath away, your touch to light my skin and soul on fire.. I want it all!! Full love and commitment and a best friend to grow old with!


Alberta personal for Jayde

Hakuna Matata :)
Alberta, Ponoka. 18

I am looking for someone who is easy going, fun to be around, kind hearted person, and not over the top sensitive. She would have to be able to make me laugh, share the same interests as me, want to have kids one day, be okay with having nights in rather than out all the time. and be down to …


Lesbian singles like Angie

Live for the moment
Alberta, Edmonton. 34

Outgoing good listener traveller


Lesbian Personal for ViaStarra

Believe in Magic! Lets Grow, Love and Play!
Alberta, Edmonton. 28

I am manifesting a deep and powerful connection. A sense between two lovers filled with kindness, excitement, expression. I am looking for someone I can talk with till the sun comes up, someone who will share touch with me after Ive spent a long day healing others. Someone who is inspired by the …


Meet Alberta Lesbians like Ananda

Alberta, Edmonton. 37

Sexy kind intelligent and ok with being dominant in the bedroom ;)


Alberta personal for Michaela

Hello beauties!
Alberta, Airdrie. 21

I'm down to meet some chill, badass women with open-minded attitudes and sweet personalities.


singles from Alberta like Nicole

New to Red Deer Alberta
Alberta, Calgary. 46

Only the honest need respond. I'm interested in meeting an authentic woman who is comfortable with their sexual orientation and wears her skin well. I believe that beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. I'm looking forward to meeting a woman to make my first in life and subsequently be hers.


Alberta singles like Jess

Add a little sparkle in your life
Alberta, Wetaskiwin. 19

Someone to spend my life with who I can build a future with and work on not just my dreams but there's .


Alberta personal for Emma

Looking for friends in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada only
Alberta, Edmonton. 42



Meet Alberta Lesbians like Angel

Hi I'm angel im bisexural. I'm sick and tired of men. I won't a woman.
Alberta, Calgary. 30

Anything everything a man can't give me.


Lesbian Personal for Anna

I like creepy things and cats
Alberta, Calgary. 18

I am looking for someone cute ^-^


singles from Alberta like suzanne

I want to be inspired
Alberta, Edmonton. 30

True to themselves, and passionate


Alberta singles like Jocelyn

Looking for a sincere relationship
Alberta, Edmonton. 56

Similar interests and activities. Understanding. Gentle. Kind. Honest.


Lesbian Personal for Stevie

Curiously Bi
Alberta, Edmonton. 25

Clean, feminine, sexy, fit/ average. Someone who will make my first encounter like this unimaginable! xx


Meet Alberta Lesbians like J

Seeking new friends and playmates
Alberta, Edmonton. 22

Someone I can have some quality girl time with. Someone who gets on well with my boyfriend would be a huge plus as well. If we end up playing it would be ideal for him to be involved but if he's not your type or boys arn't your thing he's still very supportive of me having my girl time. Anything …


Meet Alberta Lesbians like Paula

Newbie ;)
Alberta, Calgary. 20

Loyal Honest Trustworthy Couldnt hurt if they were cute Got there shit togeather Has experience Mature Outgoing Spontaneous Likes to have a good time Sorry no kids been there done that.


Lesbian Personal for skyla

about me
Alberta, Edmonton. 19

Honestly not picky personality is what matters to me ♡I am looking for a patient girl, she'll have to understand I've never done this before. Honestly, to the best of my knowledge the attraction is purely physical but maybe I just haven't talked to the right girl yet? I'm still figuring this out.


Lesbian singles like Brit

Stop in and say hi!
Alberta, Calgary. 23

Someone honest and trustworthy and someone who makes me laugh :)


Lesbian Personal for Heather

Hey beautiful ladies :)
Alberta, Edmonton. 26

Someone who enjoys the same thing as i do :)


Alberta singles like Dorothy

I am looking for someone like you ;-)
Alberta, Lethbridge. 55

someone who is confident and happy but able to be vulnerable. I also like someone who dreams and wishes for things and then makes it happen, and I will help you do that too. someone who likes music, humor, and animals.

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