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Lesbian Personal for Ashley

Colorado, Aurora. 21

I'm looking for someone who's just as tired as me, I want someone that will actually wanna stick around for a while I'm just really loving and I wanna share it but I'm far from dumb don't hurt me... Im crazy lol


Colorado personal for Anna

Live the life you love and love the life you live
Colorado, Denver. 24

I'm looking for someone who likes to have fun and is up for adventure but can also just relax and watch a movie or the Broncos :)


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Cassandra

Nothing is normal, normal is a setting on a washing machine.
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 18

Im looking for a more dike lesbian, we will fight for attention and security. For a women thats wants to do and share everything with me: likes, dislikes, how their day went, what erks them, what makes them happy, sad, desperate. I need someone whos not looking for a distraction from whatever is …


singles from Colorado like Mythica

Spiritual Geek who is a Bodypainter
Colorado, Denver. 43

Seeking fellow adventurous bi fem who is into photography or videography and loves world travel & the movies. Redheads get extra bonus dice to their initiative roll.


Lesbian singles like Danelle

A womans bestfriend....
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 40

I'm not looking for a partner nor a relationship as of now.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Cary-Jean

So Worth it!
Colorado, Grand Junction. 19

I'm lookin for a straight up chick that likes to laugh, have fun, and is crazy like me haha I don't wanna be controlled but I also don't wanna feel like she doesn't give a s*it. A confident chick that although may dress like she wears the pant's (that's my type ;) understands that a relationship …


Colorado personal for Sarah

MILF new to the area looking to have some fun!
Colorado, Fort Collins. 19

I am looking for a girl who doesn't mind that I have a family and don't mind sharing me with my husband ;) A girl I can go shopping with, go on dates with, and have s*xual relations with. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Lesbian Personal for Ruby

Colorado, Parker. 24

Someone fun and outgoing, supportive and caring, nurturing and equal. Someone who understands and has unconditional love. Someone I can trust and that can be faithful and loyal and honest. (Sounds like a person everyone wants)


singles from Colorado like Shanice

Hello ladies,
Colorado, Denver. 24

Someone that I can have fun with. That is drama free and independent. Someone that has things going for their selves. Someone that's loyal and trustworthy.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Jasmine

Colorado, Thornton. 24

im looking for a beautiful fem


Colorado singles like Julia

Hi, my name is Julia.
Colorado, Arvada. 25

I am looking for an emotionally fulfilling relationship with an intelligent woman who can match my energy level for the little things in life. I am also looking for a lot of patience and understanding as this is all very new to me.


Lesbian singles like Nick

Just looking to me a better me with someone new
Colorado, Aurora. 23

I'd like to meet a girl that's funny she makes me smile when she not trying. She challenges me and inspires me to be better, do better. We have no secret and her looks will just be a plus.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Molly

Looking for a weird girl to wonder the world with.
Colorado, Denver. 24

I'm looking for someone who is open, loving, kind, caring and adventurous. :) Someone who is open to me and all my weirds :)


singles from Colorado like Rachel

Real Loving kind one of god earth angels
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 24

a real non greedy selfish woman that i can treat good and that will accept me for me and love to be around my kids and have a family life


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Nikole

Keep up!
Colorado, Denver. 35

Someone, again, who is generally happy with themselves. I give a lot and always will but I would like to be with a woman who can give a lot back as well. I'm very sexual and want someone who can keep up with that part as well. I prefer a woman who is as least as femme as I am.. Long hair, wears …


singles from Colorado like Chantel

Eat Your Pretty Little Heart Out 3
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 23

I'm looking for someone who can show me that they are different from the rest 3


Colorado personal for Shevonne

saultry and passionate
Colorado, Denver. 33



singles from Colorado like Michelle

seeking a new friend
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 33

Someone who likes to do new things who likes to laugh n joke around


singles from Colorado like tabitha

I'm trying to explore other avenues to meet women.
Colorado, Denver. 44

I want to be with someone who gets me, loves to laugh, explore new things, travel, intelligent, enjoy a night on the town, a night to watch movies and snuggle, enjoys wine, art, music, but most of all, a confident woman who knows what she wants and sets goals to get it.


Colorado singles like Mallory

Keep the beer cold and the women on hold
Colorado, Grand Junction. 22

I'm looking for a smoking hot fox that is fun loving:) someone laid back that can just chill but isn't scared to keep up with my energetic lifestyle and intimacy.

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