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Meet Colorado Lesbians like Andrea

Colorado, Pueblo. 22

will fill out later


Lesbian Personal for Nicole

Just looking for someone to hike Horsetooth too
Colorado, Fort Collins. 20

Someone who I can take on dates every weekend or concerts to at Red Rocks


Lesbian Personal for Debra

Hi Pretty ladys out there
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 36

Am a lady of Dignirty, i love ladys alot,, am into ladys, men are bunch of losers to us


singles from Colorado like Leslie

Purple Haired-hippy- Geek girl LF kindred spirit
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 39

I am looking for a free spirit that loves all things bohemian and would like to smoke a bowl and talk about the universe or hang out at a drum circle.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Alicia

More then expected!
Colorado, Fort Collins. 43

What I am looking for is someone that cares about life, takes some pride in their appearance, but is laid back and wants to have fun and enjoy the times we spend with each other. I desire a lady with a feminine side. There should be room for other aspects also. A well rounded personality and a …


Colorado personal for Esperanza

call me text me stalk me
Colorado, Denver. 33

Someone to laugh with....


Colorado personal for Liah

Colorado, Denver. 18

someone that's compassionate, romantic, loyal, honest, and that will accept me for me.


Lesbian Personal for Kaci

Colorado, Loveland. 25

I look for loyalty and friendship, someone to share everything with. I like to be romantic so someone who is okay with that. Good communication is important. I'd like someone who I can go on adventures with or enjoy a calm, quiet night in with.


Colorado singles like Katelyn

Colorado, Grand Junction. 22

Loyalty. Honesty. Respect to yourself and others.


Colorado personal for Lisa

life is an adventure
Colorado, Pueblo. 28

I'm look for a woman to enjoy my time with and have a good laugh. I love to go out and and have a blast. Or just chill some place cozy.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Jaemi

Just looking for my one and only
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 22

Funny, honest, video gamer, blunt, knows what she wants, trustworthy, 100% lesbian, romantic, and will love me for me not what i can do.


Lesbian Personal for victoria

Colorado, Denver. 19

I want a girl who is okay with me smoking weed and me being my self. some one who is going to be faithful and committed. some fun out going, someone who is beautiful inside and out. I love people who are aware of themselves.


Lesbian Personal for Aubrey

I came to the dark side they had cookies.
Colorado, Aurora. 21

Someone open minded, non judgmental, funny, light hearted, confident, happy, loving, and ready for adventures.


singles from Colorado like Anjel

So this is what it is...
Colorado, Thornton. 27

Ok, I don't like the jealous type, a lil bit is ok but I've been thru hell and back several times so please don't take me back! I wanna have fun, if I'm interested in you I'm loyal to you. Thats me. I don't play games. I'm too old and I don't have the time not the energy for bulls*it! 😋


Lesbian singles like Shaina

Looking for a lovely lady to spend some time with
Colorado, Denver. 19

I look for someone that's just as chill, funny, and motivated as me. I want to be on the same wavelength as my partner, so obviously we've have to like the same or similar things! I have an incredible soft spot for Latina women or women that are unique foreign race. That doesn't mean that I …


Colorado personal for Erica

It starts with a smile :)
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 33

What am I looking for? I'm not 100% sure but I find women attractive by women I mean sporty females and lipstick lesbians. Let's start with a friendship and see where and what happens! :) Independent + proud feminine is an amazing quality


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Corrinne

Be Yourself 3
Colorado, Colorado Springs. 21

I am looking for someone who knows how to have a good time. Looks don't matter to me, I love you for your personality. I love quirky people with unique views on life.


Colorado singles like Ashlynn

Chivalry is not dead
Colorado, Denver. 19

Someone who will let me take care of them. Chivalry is not dead. In exchange for letting me take care of you, I would only hope that I get the same back.


Colorado singles like Tia

I'm a little bit of a hopeless romantic.
Colorado, Denver. 19

Someone who puts their heart into all they do. I love living a healthy loving life and I am looking for a woman who wants the same. Someone who loves animals, people, seeing new things and someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.


Meet Colorado Lesbians like Palmer

Colorado, Denver. 36

Just no games I want all of u so I can give u all of me

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