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Lesbian singles like Chrissy

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
Nebraska, Fremont. 19

I don't really know since im new at this. But I guess I'd like to start with someone I can just hangout and go shopping with but be intimate with too.


Nebraska singles like nicole to this site
Nebraska, Omaha. 28

a mature,loyal ALL LESBIAN,adventurous,down to earth,people loving female who is comfortable in and out her skin who is not afraid to express her inter fellings,someone who one days wants to travel the world and start a family.a good cook with a slight case of!


Lesbian Personal for Cami

wats out there
Nebraska, North Platte. 27

Looking for my best friend. Someone loyal and trustworthy and who is confident in themselves. Also someone who isn't gonna give me the run around.


Lesbian Personal for charley

Quite but not really shy
Nebraska, Lincoln. 34

Someone that is attractive on the outside and inside, and someone that is more girly then me because I am a lot like a guy. I will treat her like a queen.


Meet Nebraska Lesbians like Ria

Beauty is as beauty does..
Nebraska, Omaha. 40

Loyalty, love, respect, goodtimes, more love and plenty of laughter..we can discuss more..


Lesbian Personal for Haze

Fade into my haze
Nebraska, Omaha. 19

I'm looking for a women with a beautiful smile and breath taking eyes. I don't care if you are femme or a stud I am attracted to both.


Lesbian singles like kitti

Looking for fun.
Nebraska, Omaha. 29

Friendship and a physical relationship.


Nebraska personal for Jessica

Just getting out there...
Nebraska, North Platte. 28

I'm looking for someone to chill with and someone to have fun with. I'm looking for friendship for now. I look for a sense of humor and a good personality. I would like to have similar interests. Art, music, books, nature, etc.


Nebraska personal for Theresa

Happiness is everything
Nebraska, Omaha. 34

An extrovert, lots of energy, enjoys international travel because that's my addiction. Also I prefer someone who loves to Zumba, my other addiction. Someone fearless.


Nebraska personal for Bree

I Am A Living Story I Will Not Give Up
Nebraska, Fremont. 18

Somebody to just have fun with and can count on who doesn't mind just hanging out and watching movies with me a lot.


Lesbian Personal for Mikaila

Nebraska, Omaha. 18

I am looking someone to love me for me and be my bestfriend.


Meet Nebraska Lesbians like Shannon

Fun-Loving and Tender-Hearted Lesbian
Nebraska, Omaha. 37

Fun, lovable, respectful, loyal, and energetic. Knows how to have a good time, yet does not feel the need to party all the time. Enjoys the simple pleasures of life.


Meet Nebraska Lesbians like Laura

welcome to chat :)
Nebraska, Omaha. 18

i want someone caring. i want to treat that person well but i expect the same. Im verry affectionate so I would want the same.


singles from Nebraska like Kylee

Looking for something new and exciting!
Nebraska, North Platte. 19

I am looking for somebody who I can connect with. Somebody who has the same mind set as I do like having a family and being serious.


Nebraska singles like stacia

ii love girls
Nebraska, Omaha. 18

Love and affection


Nebraska personal for Bethany

About Me! :)
Nebraska, Lincoln. 24

Someone with a rocking personality. Caring and is very independent with a good head on her shoulders :)


Lesbian singles like Rebecca

Looking for Love, not a quick fix.
Nebraska, North Platte. 20

I'm looking for a woman who wants a real relationship. Not a "long distance" or "Free" relationship. I'm faithful I would like the respect returned. I want some one fun but not wild outside the bed. Inside the bed is awesome... but I don't want a girl who drinks a lot or wants to party all the …


Nebraska singles like Mary

Mi amor
Nebraska, Lincoln. 44

Someone who wants to be in a relationship. Someone who gets me. Someone who loves to have fun and enjoys the things I do.


Lesbian singles like Valerie

Nebraska, Lincoln. 42

I am looking for someone I connect with intellectually as well as emotionally. All the other stuff comes with that.. I want someone who is honest, has integrity, lives life to better themselves and others around them. Positive, drama free. Laid back and is ok with hanging out at home and not in …


singles from Nebraska like Angel

Hello, .(clears throat) wussuh , waddup world ayee
Nebraska, Omaha. 25

Penpal friendship

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