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Lesbian Personal for Sonya

looking for fun and friends
Texas, Sherman. 31

I'm 31 Iove p*ssy and I love hanging out with family and friends.


Lesbian Personal for Brittany

Texas, Sherman. 19

I live in Gainesville, TX... Anyone who has been knows its a small town. Theres not a lot to do here and not many girls to meet. I am bisexual. I prefer to txt and will not meet you in person unless we've talked a little and gotten to know more about each other...


Sherman singles like Joyce

Too Sweet
Texas, Sherman. 47

I'm a very outgoing, loveable, entertaning and humorous person.

Life Rocks

Lesbian singles like Life Rocks

Just looking for a happy life
Texas, Sherman. 42

If you are unemployed, into drugs, current alcoholics, or have -bat shit crazy ex's - who are stalkers, you are married, semi married, playing house like you are married and you are looking for a way out of all of it... Here I am! Jk-- please keep scrolling!! I am not into any of that! I am not …


Lesbian Personal for Sierra

Otaku just looking for love or fun
Texas, Sherman. 21

My name is Sierra. I'm nearly 21. I love anime, video games, doctor who, and most nerdy things under the sun but I'm always willing to learn about something new that might catch my interest. I'm a perfect 3 on the Kinsley scale but am focusing more on women then men right now. I just want a …


Lesbian Personal for Brittany

Texas, Sherman. 21

I would rather you make your own opinions ♥ Peace,, Love,, & Music !! White, African-American, Mexican, American Indian, & British. :)


Sherman singles like Taylor

Team Winchester 3
Texas, Sherman. 22

I'm fun loving but mature. I have a beautiful two year old daughter. I have a good job. I love to eat.


singles from Sherman like Marissa

sweet small town girl with a big heart.
Texas, Sherman. 21

Just a small town girl trying to make it in a big world. I'm outgoing, funny, and ready to make a future with a beautiful woman


Lesbian Personal for Bri

Texas, Sherman. 21

Let's see, I'm a sophomore at a university in North Texas. I'm an RA and am actively involved in our Gay-Straight Alliance (I'm PR), also I'm in other organizations on campus. School takes up most of my life. I'm a psychology major. After, I'll be going for a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate …


Meet Sherman Lesbians like India

India Jewel
Texas, Sherman. 23

Tall, tattooed, pierced and fun. Open- minded and honest. Looking to meet people that like to have fun. Give me something to do outside of work.


Lesbian Personal for Keli

Looking for my BFF
Texas, Sherman. 36

I am a great friend and partner, I am loving, caring, fun-loving, romantic, spontaneous, Witty, strong-hearted, attractive, young-at-heart female.


Lesbian Personal for Sonya

Hello ladies
Texas, Sherman. 31

Hi Im Sonya Im 28 and i like women


Sherman singles like CMcmath

Be Genuine
Texas, Sherman. 22

My name is Christy and I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl, love to go camping, hiking, fishing, all of nature stuff. Please don't judge me by my age, I may be young but I don't act like it. I'm pretty laid back and enjoy life to the fullest every single day. I have a gorgeous dog, her name is Nala and I …


Sherman singles like Kaitlyn

Texas, Sherman. 22

I love to go to the lake,fish I love to go muddin, I'm always up for a new challenge! Don't knock it till you try it! ((: get to know me! i Promise you wont be disappointed.


Sherman singles like Jill

increase the pease
Texas, Sherman. 24

hey,so im a chill down to earth person. the greatest love in my life is my lil pom dog hassie.:) imlucky to have the close an amazing frends that i do but still longing for a lil closer companies;)


singles from Sherman like Maria

I just want to live a happy life :3
Texas, Sherman. 24

. Im a sweet and loving person, I dont like to be sad, im very outgoing and happy most of the time. i love to sing and dance to just about everything. i can cook and i really love doing it. i know im young but i can be very mature and responsible when necessary. I act like a kid at times, i know …


Sherman singles like Aiyana

Texas, Sherman. 25

I'm a bit shy until I get to know someone better but i'm pretty much an open book. I can be a bit of a blonde at times lol :p Anything else just ask, I'll add more here later


Sherman personal for Sandra

Texas, Sherman. 42

I'm someone special. I am a great friend who loves to listen and talk. I love attention and I love to give it. But make no mistake I think the world revolves around me. And I make it all worth your while! I enjoy making you happy that way you want me happy. So it ends up being a give and take. …


Sherman singles like Lindsey

looking for the one to have and to hold
Texas, Sherman. 26

Really not sure what to say on these things at first. There's so much about me that it's hard to put into one paragraph. I can list some things about me but I would love if someone would take interest and want to get to know me better. Some of my interests include cosplaying, sci-fi shows, …


singles from Sherman like Katie

Love the life you live & live the life you love
Texas, Sherman. 33

I'm a very social, active, and outgoing person. I have a very close group of friends who I call family and would do anything for. I'm usually the life of the party but I have a very serious and sensitive side that is hardly ever seen. I love darts, pool, cooking, exploring, and anything …

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