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Bothell singles like Quinn

Yin and Yang
Washington, Bothell. 29

I'm a freelance writer and a part-time barista. I also spend a fair bit of time writing fiction (sort stories, creative non-fiction, and now I'm working on a novel). On the Myers-Briggs' test I'm an ENFP, but I've spent my entire life living with Introverts, so I'm pretty 50/50 on the Extroverted …


Meet Bothell Lesbians like Mali

Hiii :) 3
Washington, Bothell. 20

I am not little, I am a very caring loving energetic person, ever the optimist i always try to see my glass half full not empty. I love to meet new people and expand my consciousness by what i am taught by others, nature, and myself.


Bothell personal for Sandy

Enjoying life
Washington, Bothell. 43

My 40's are going to be all about fun. Enjoying life, going out, being outdoors, traveling and being free.


Lesbian singles like Kyleah

Washington, Bothell. 24

I'm 19, I live on my own w/ a roommate I work full-time at a retirement home, and I go to college too. I have had a few serious relationships as well as not so serious, but I'm not the type of girl to just date. I'm a relationship type of person, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


singles from Bothell like suzyo

Washington, Bothell. 30

Spontaneous ,loyal ,honest ,fun ,wild,funny,dorky


Meet Bothell Lesbians like Jasmi

tattoed, pierced, but a sweetheart!
Washington, Bothell. 29

I'm taking a break from working on my Master's in Behavioral and Environmental studies, so I can see something outside of a classroom for once. I do have moments when I am a brat, but we can work on that together. I put not sure about relocating, because again. She, needs to be for real about this.


Lesbian singles like Trudy

Looking for love
Washington, Bothell. 52

I am a very hard worker. I am a HCA, I just love being able to care for the elderly I love the outdoors and love to travel.


singles from Bothell like kacie

hi im kacie:)
Washington, Bothell. 24

im blonde kinda tall) im a funny person and love meeting new people :)


singles from Bothell like nikki

Washington, Bothell. 33

I'll fill this out later


Bothell singles like sierra

looking to find my other half
Washington, Bothell. 21

I'm not looking for another girl who only wants a pretty girlfriend to impress men .if u can't show me attention or kiss unless guys are watching then please don't bother.I'm a hippie I've lived all over but i just got my own place.


Lesbian singles like kristina

20 seconds of insane courage!!
Washington, Bothell. 24

I am 22. I like girls that much I know. However I am currently struggling with if I am a lesbian or a trans(F2M). I am a "gentleman." I am sweet and considerate. I am loyal and honest. I am caring and nice. I have a great impact on people I have been told. I am funny sometimes.


Bothell singles like LRay

Know Thyself
Washington, Bothell. 52

I am seeker of seekers and a healer healers. I'am a 6'4" warrior in a 5'3" womans body. I operate from the base of love. I am looking for a being that is loving, kind, compassionate, strong, wise, and has the look of the Sun in her eyes. How can one say in a few brief words what a glance can say …


Bothell personal for Katie

Looking for Someone Who Gets ME!
Washington, Bothell. 23

Into Photography, Music, Animals, the Outdoors, Nature. Employed at the North Seattle Vet Clinic. Loving life as it comes.


Lesbian singles like Hannah

Just Looking I guess.
Washington, Bothell. 24

Well, I am a very shy person. I tend to keep things hidden instead of sharing with others how I feel. I am truely honest, but I'm not at all rude. I play music almost 24/7, it is what I love almost more than anything. I just want to get to know some chill, and laid back girls.


Lesbian singles like Jeralee

BFWB's? :)
Washington, Bothell. 35

I am Bi, in my 30's and like to stay fit. I am looking for someone similar to have a FWB relationship with. I have a partner but we are very open. We like to travel. when he is out of town it would be nice to have someone to spend some quality time with. Of course not just when he is gone though. …


Lesbian singles like Perfection

Just looking to try something new, not a relationship
Washington, Bothell. 41

I am a mother of two boys.


Lesbian singles like Gabrielle

I'm a nice Submissive girl curious about girls
Washington, Bothell. 27

I won't go too deep so a little about myself? hmm, Im a vegetarian love cats. I'm Bicurious I hope that doesn't freak anyone out.


Lesbian Personal for Shelby

Washington, Bothell. 19

I am a very outgoing person, you will most likely seeing me talking to anyone and everyone because I believe that life is to short. I love my cat and tortioise and am a huge movie buff. Will be entering cosmetology school next summer and have a pretty clear vision on where I am going. I'm also a …


Lesbian singles like Erin

Trying it out
Washington, Bothell. 37

I'm totally new to this but am looking to meet someone who is willing show me the ropes.


Lesbian Personal for Caitlyn

looking for love
Washington, Bothell. 21

My name is Caitlyn. I just moved to bothell Washington not to long ago, and I know nothing around here.. lol.. Im always looking for fun, Im a hopeless romantic.. i love making sure my other half is taken care of. Im the girl that would put anyone first. My family is my life and so are my …

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