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I am happier than I have ever been

I started using PinkCupid several months ago and I honestly didn't have very high expectations. After only several days, a woman contacted me who caught my interest and we clicked really well. After that first night of talking for hours, we talked every night, practically all night. We have fallen completely in love and I am happier than I have ever been. We have now been in a relationship for several months and I am proud to say that I love her with ALL my heart. 

I met my fiance through this site

I met my fiancée through this site and have never been this happy! I cannot imagine my life without her. We live in different states and never imagined entertaining the idea of even meeting someone from another state...And then we opened our hearts and minds and ended up meeting each other. My life has changed in the best possible way and I will be forever grateful for this experience. Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts!!! 

I am BEYOND thankful for PinkCupid

Before being dared to join PinkCupid, I myself did not have much interest or hope in finding a partner by such an avenue as the internet. Agreeing to the dare, i look back now and am thankful that I committed to such a website, being a skeptic myself of internet "romances". The night I had joined, I decided to search for females around my area, and eventually around the rest of Australia. I then came across Jess, finding her to be extremely cute and she seemed level headed. I was able to talk to her on chat and found each other to be extremely similar in many ways. With her being from a different state, I knew any romance would be hard, but after talking to her for 2 months on the phone I was sure that she was worth the trip, to meet her. It was a gamble by all means, but within myself I knew her so well and it felt so right, however cliche it may seem. I travelled across the country and we met, everything seeming to fall straight into place. Since then we have both travelled multiple times, and in 2010 I will be moving over to live in the same state. I am BEYOND thankful for PinkCupid, Jess is everything I have ever wanted in someone. I may be young, but I am able to see the goodness in someone and that I am wanting to spend the rest of my life with this girl. I have gone from skeptic to TOTAL believer, all because of this site. My life would not be the same without her, and the distance battles we have had to face over the past 6 months have made us a stronger couple. Thank you PinkCupid, from the bottom of our hearts! Jen. 

I met some one on PinkCupid!

I met some one on PinkCupid! I am excited to see what will develop between us and I don’t need to look around any more! She is grate! We have a lot in conmen and are different at the same time. She has a big heart and a bashful smile! When I talk to her my day is the best it could be! I am always in such a good mood! My friends all say that I am beaming and there is a sparkle in my eyes they have not seen before! 

We got married and it has been the most perfect year of my life

my name is suzanne, i made an account on this site in may 2011...i had only been on for one day when i received a email from carolyn. i could not read it as i was only a standard member so something told me i need to read it so i made myself a gold member ....just for 1 month as i thought it would have been a waste of time. oohh how i was wrong. i read the email and replied to her the next day . that evening i was online and she popped up on chat.....we just bounced of each other and both felt as if we had know each other for ages . we talked on the phone for a couple of weeks and she came up to manchester to see me and it was love at first sight . we both visited each other over the next month then she asked me to move in with her .........on the 24th december 2011 we got married and it has been the most perfect year of my life ....she is my best friend and the reason i wake up every morning . just being in her presence makes me feel safe and when i look into her eyes i am home . thankyou pink cupid for sending her to me . my own little part of heaven carolyn.xx 

I have never felt this way about anyone before

I actually signed up for the paying membership to be able to contact her, two weeks later we met up and I can honestly say I have never felt this way about anyone before, she is amazing! thank you PinkCupid!